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When you read these terms sometimes we refer to ourselves as 'us' or 'we'. When we do this we refer to any of the companies in the MidAmerican Energy Holdings group. Where statements contain the name of a specific company that statement is only applicable to the company that is named.

Meaning of Certain Words

The following words have the following meanings:-

Data - any data, text, animation and graphic images contained on the pages of this website (including information contained in and/or ascertainable from the source code).

You - the person browsing, using or connecting to the website.


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You may:-

1. access any part of the website
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3. make copies of this website or any part of it in RAM or other temporary storage facility or device solely for the purpose of browsing the Data contained on this website.

You may not:-

1. (except as permitted above), use, adapt, modify, enhance, copy, duplicate, merge, embed and/or disassemble or otherwise incorporate into or store in any other website, electronic retrieval system, publication or other work in any form (whether hard copy, electronic or other) any or all of the Data on this website;
2. remove any copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property notices contained in the original material from any material copies or printed off from this website; or
3. link to this website except as permitted below.

 This is not meant to be a full list of all those things you may not do with this website.


If you wish to provide a hyper-text link or other link to this website, you must first obtain our consent - please contact us by e-mail at the address at the bottom of this page, including the following details:-

1. the URL(s) of the page(s) you propose for links to this website; and

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We have tried to ensure that all information we provide on this website is correct at the time of inclusion. We apologise if any errors have evaded our checks. Please note that all Data is subject to change at any time without notice. You use the information contained in this website at your own risk as we make no warranties, representations or undertakings:-

1. about any of the content of this website or of any other website referred to or accessed by hyper-text link through this website (including, without limitation, as to the quality, accuracy, completeness or fitness for any particular purpose of such content);

2. that the information is free of infection by computer virus, worms, Trojan horses or anything else capable of manifesting, or contaminating your system or which has destructive properties; and

3. regarding illustrations used within this website. These are not necessarily true representations of products or services offered.

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Changing the terms and conditions/operation of the website

1. We may change the format and content of this website at any time without notice;
2. We may suspend the operation of the website for any reason whatsoever;
3. We reserve the right to terminate access to this website at any time and without notice;
4. We may change, amend or modify these terms and conditions or any other terms and conditions displayed on this website at any time and without notice; and
5. We reserve the right to alter any products or services offered through this website at any time without notice.


If any provision of these terms and conditions shall be found by any court or body of authority to be invalid or unenforceable this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the terms and conditions which shall continue in effect.


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Data Protection

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