A Day of Discovery

Vic Click here to begin
Join Vic Voltage on a Day of Discovery!
Vic is having a very eventful day. Join him on a walk to see his friend, Lola Livewire, and try to spot the dangers he encounters along the way.
Look carefully at the scene from each chapter of Vic's tale. Once you are sure you have spotted the danger, click on that place in the picture to reveal the answer. In some of the chapters, you can then go on to play a game.
If you don't want to read the whole story, you can click into any of the chapters from the links below.
Chapter 1

Playing badminton becomes a dangerous game

Chapter 2

Shed some light on dangers in the street

Chapter 3

Is Lola fishing for trouble?

Chapter 4

Let's go fly a kite

Chapter 5

Extreme frisby, extreme danger

Chapter 6

Derelict but not deserted