About This Site

The Fusebox is full of games, activities and interesting facts relating to electricity.  Most importantly, it tells you about the potential dangers of electricity and how to stay safe. 

Understanding Electricity

Understanding Electricity is packed with information and activities to help you understand more about electricity: 
History Time charts everything from Faraday, to floodlit football matches, to the first microwave.  Just click on one of the decades, and Billy Brightspark will take you on a journey through time...
How Electrical Objects Work shows how electricity can be used to create other forms of energy such as light and sound, and uses animation to show how they are used in everyday objects.
How Electricity Gets to your Home helps to explain how electricity gets from the power station to the home, in an interactive drag and drop activity.  Try and place all of the electricity equipment in the correct order and light up the house.
Circuit Builder offers an interactive testing area, which you can use to test circuits using bulbs, motors and buzzers.  There are three levels, taking you from simple series circuits to more complicated parallel circuits.  Just follow the onscreen instructions...

A Day of Discovery

Our site guide Vic Voltage is having a very eventful day.  Join him and explore the potential everyday dangers of electricity, and learn how to be safe.
In each chapter you'll be presented with an everyday situation - click on the scene to identify the danger, and Vic will tell you whether you are correct.  At the end, you can play a quick-fire game to test yourself on what you've learned. 


Test yourself on everything you've learned from The Fusbox in one of our multiple choice quizzes, or play the Guess the Word to try out some new vocabulary. 

Download Zone

Our download zone is full of printable activities for you to try, including wordsearches, crosswords and even experiments.  All downloads are available in Word and PDF formats. 

Parent Zone

Information for parents on how to get the most out of The Fusebox with your children.

Teacher Zone

Information for teachers on how the activities on the site can be used in class, and how they relate to areas of the Curriculum.